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Speaker System for iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad®

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This versatile speaker dock is the perfect companion for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Play and charge all three devices. Rotate the dock to display videos in full-screen landscape mode or browse your music collection using Cover Flow. Adjust the angle to make typing and reading more comfortable. Dynamic stereo speakers enhance your music, videos, apps, and more. Download our free app for enhanced features, including: custom clock, weather display, custom alarm settings, nature sounds, photo slideshows with background music, and more.

Special Gift from iLive Electronics
Get a IAB53B Wireless Bluetooth Receiver and Adapter for $4.99 with the purchase of this product. Use the Bluetooth Adapter to turn any iPod boombox, stereo, or sound bar into a Bluetooth speaker.
Just click on the Wireless Bluetooth Receiver and Adapter image below and click "add to cart" to receive your new IAB53B with your order.

Black Bluetooth Adapter

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